About Dabbawalas

Our journey of serving vegan and vegetarian Indian food started in 2016 at Markthalle. Since then, we have had the joy and privilege of providing healthy pure-veg meals to our guests. 

Our meals resonate with home-style food and are prepared fresh everyday with love., are based on a traditional Indian cuisine, as it is lived in countless Indian families every day. Our dishes, which are prepared fresh every day with love, are based on a traditional Inidian cuisine, as it is lived every day in countless Indian families.

In 2020, we embarked on a new exciting journey with Dabbawalas' spice shop. Initial curiosity turned into a great passion for the preparation of masalas (spice blends). The spice blend "Guru's Masala" was created when I traveled through India and was served a particularly delicious vegetable curry. Back in Switzerland, I started looking for a spice blend that could conjure up this special taste.

With our spices and spice blends we want to bring the variety and intensity of Indian cuisine to your home. So you can easily cook our dishes yourself or with friends and enjoy them together.
We prepare all our masalas fresh and homemade according to our own recipe. This gives the spices a unique fresh flavor and the unique taste.

We wish you a lot of enjoyment in preparing Indian dishes and look forward to a new journey with you.